Skirball Center for the Performing Arts - New York University

Kollaboration New York brings the search for groundbreaking Asian American talent to New York City. Performances range from hip hop dance to acoustic vocals to rock bands - all competing to walk away with the title of New York's #1 breakout Asian American talent.

Kollaboration is an annual event and movement created by a small group of professional young Asian Pacific Islander Americans/Canadians (APIA/C), volunteering their time and skills to celebrate the vast talents of their community in the hopes of exposing them to mainstream performing arts and entertainment industries. In addition to encouraging the diverse talents of APIA/C youth, Kollaboration seeks to empower APIA/C youth by providing them with a creative outlet and leadership training that serves as an alternative to gang-activity and delinquency for those at-risk. Kollaboration supports APIA/C families by offering a platform for communication bridging the gap between first generation parents and latter generation youth. Kollaboration also works to support the APIA/C community at large, by raising awareness for other critical community issues and NGOs.