Skirball Center for the Performing Arts - New York University

I See Fire
Anthems for a New Era
Special guests: London Gay Men's Chorus

Seriously, WTF is happening? Huge leaps back after so many hard-fought steps forward? Dark skies after so much sunshine? The LGBTQ community are no strangers to threats, hardship, and prejudice. But far from suffocating us, adversity has always fueled our formidable fierceness and strength. I See Fire will roar onto the stage with fresh new anthems for a new era of uncertainty and rage. I See Fire will also reunite New York City Gay Men's Chorus with our brothers/sisters in song, the London Gay Men's Chorus—two world cities, two internationally renowned choruses, and more than 400 voices who have long been beacons of harmony and solidarity. Like a welcoming sunrise after darkness, I See Fire will overwhelm with a wall of sound filling you with passion, energy, and resilience (and that’s the only wall these proud New Yorkers and Londoners ever want to hear about!). By joining hands and standing together, by reaching out instead of shutting out, and by uniting our voices behind stirring new anthems, we can be sure our flame will burn eternal.