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Rest Upon the Wind is a play that was inspired by Gibran's most famous book, The Prophet. It was produced in London's West End in 2011 and shown at the famous Haymarket Theatre Royal to a packed house in 2013 has been successfully staged in a number of countries in the Middle East, and will be going on a World tour, including North America, starting early 2016. The play reflects the ups and downs of Gibran's life as an immigrant poet/artist; the troubles and cruelties of his daily life that led him to seek the highest level of spirituality in his work. It is the story of his artistic and spiritual journey to deliver his message of love, peace and unity, and it is the story of those who helped him along the path.

Rest Upon the Wind

The production is a mix of drama, comedy, profound self-discovery and a celebration of the Arab sense of humor. This play is not only for Gibran fans, but for all those who are on their own spiritual journeys. Nadim Sawalha's script celebrates the Arab sense of humor and family warmth through the relationship of Gibran and his sister Marianna as they and their family all struggle to survive in America. Memories of his childhood and own spiritual awakening in Mount Lebanon are juxtaposed with the everyday bustle and music of the Lebanese enclave in Boston's Chinatown, providing an insight into the poet's roller-coaster life and the people who had a great impact on it, especially two strong women in his life: his sister and Mary Haskell, his patron, mentor and romantic interest. Rest Upon the Wind is a joint theatrical production of Matar Ventures and Creative Projects Group. Ali Matar and William Nix are its Producers. For further information see: