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Talk Like Singing is the first-ever original Japanese musical to premiere in the U.S. This energetic and heartwarming comedy is a never-before-seen style of musical theater.

A unique young man named Tarlow knows only how to communicate through song and dance. Tarlow appears to go through life happily singing his thoughts, regardless of his mood, because of the band members playing music in his mind. With the help of a speech therapist and psychologist, the singing voices inside his head are eliminated, and for the first time in his life Tarlow can speak without singing.

Talk Like Singing represents an incredible collaborative effort with direction, script and lyrics by the talented Koki Mitani, composition and music direction by Yasuharu Konishi, and lead performance role performed by Shingo Katori.

Playwright and director Koki Mitani has created Okepi! and Good Night Sleep Tight, carefully balancing theater and music. Koki Mitani is also one of the most successful filmmakers in Japan. His representative works, Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald and The Magic Hour were highly acclaimed both in Japan and internationally. Talk Like Singing is his latest endeavor. Musician, composer, DJ and founding member of Pizzicato Five, Yasuharu Konishi has been said to have been a worldwide leader in the pop music scene. After Pizzicato Five, Yasuharu began to compose songs for filmmakers and prominent artists. He has become active as a producer, and his song composed for Shingo Katori, “Shingo mama no oha Rock,” was a record-breaking hit. Shingo Katori is a member of SMAP (Sports Music Assemble People), a chart-topping Japanese idol group. Shingo Katori has acted in several television dramas, variety shows, and films, and has lent his voice to anime. More recently, Shingo can be found acting in Japanese theaters. In Talk Like Singing he makes his international stage debut with Jay Kabira, Keiko Horiuchi and Shinya Niiro.

Sponsored by TamaHome
Co-presented by Tokyo Broadcasting System and Kyodo Tokyo

Approximate running time: 120 minutes

Pictured left to right: Shingo Katori, Koki Mitani, Yasuharu Konishi