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Han Kang was born in 1970 in South Korea. In 1993 she made her literary debut as a poet, and was first published as a novelist in 1994. A participant in the International Writing Program at the University of Iowa, Han has won the Man Booker International Prize, the Yi Sang Literary Award, the Today’s Young Artist Award, and the Manhae Prize for Literature. She currently works as a professor in the department of creative writing at the Seoul Institute of the Arts.

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Interview with Han Kang

“I didn’t plan to write about my elder sister.”


Review: The White Book

It’s a book that defies genre and challenges the reader to make sense of its unusual structure. The White Book isn’t likely to appeal to fans of the traditional novel, but will reward readers with a taste for more unconventional narratives.

An interview with Han Kang: The fifth author for 'Future Library'
The Man Booker International prize winning novelist Han Kang makes the fifth contribution to Future Library, Katie Paterson’s 100 year artwork in Oslo, Norway.