1. This mainstay of collaborative intermedia performance in New York, founded by Marianne Weems, is celebrating 25 years & still going strong.
2. How often are you encouraged to leave your phone on during a show? Make sure it’s fully charged! You’ll need it to provide you with a portal to the layers of magic in the show – easier than traveling via tornado.
3. Close out our year-long Stonewall 50 celebration with this tribute to Oz & all the many friends of Dorothy.


The Builders Association celebrates and deconstructs The Wizard of Oz in this clever mash-up of theater, technology, and pop culture.

A narrator recounts juicy background details about the making of the film as three powerful performers recreate famous moments live on stage. Interspersed with excerpts of the original novel, YouTube tributes, fan theories, and critical interpretations from the likes of Salman Rushdie, Elements of Oz revels in the ways in which tens of thousands of people around the globe have made Oz their own.

Viewers are invited to keep their phones out and interact with the action on stage through a unique app that delivers the Technicolor Land of Oz direct to our devices. In much the same way the classic MGM movie transported us from the stark black and white of Kansas to a vibrant Technicolor Oz, Elements of Oz uses AR (Augmented Reality) in a new way which enlivens and deepens the audience’s experience.

“Loose, loopy and enjoyable … dazzling … fun to watch.” — The New York Times

Appropriate for ages 12+

Download the app for Apple devices HERE.
Download the app for Android devices HERE.

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The Builders Association, founded in 1994 and directed by Marianne Weems, is a New York-based performance and media company that creates original productions based on stories drawn from contemporary life. The company uses the richness of new and old tools to extend the boundaries of theater. Based on innovative collaborations, Builders’ productions blend stage performance, text, video, sound, and architecture to tell stories about human experience in the 21st century. From BAM to Bogata, Singapore to Melbourne, Minneapolis and Los Angeles to Budapest, The Builders Association’s OBIE award-winning shows have toured to major venues the world over. elementsofoz.com

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Elements of Oz
Elements of Oz
Elements of Oz
Elements of Oz
Elements of Oz

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