This year, millennials and GenZ are the largest voting bloc in the United States, making up 38% of eligible voters. The youth vote can determine the 2020 election, yet young people are facing attacks on their right to vote. From inaccessible polling stations, to strict voter ID laws, voter purges and confusion over mail-in voting, young people across the country face unique barriers to accessing the ballot in the upcoming election. Even worse, these attacks disproportionately affect young people in communities of color and the current public health crisis poses an unprecedented challenge to getting out the youth vote.

In the lead-up to the 2020 election, our panelists will discuss how young activists, communities and organizations are leading the fight to protect the youth vote and advance youth voting rights in New York and beyond.

Panelists: Yael Bromberg, Andrew Goodman Foundation; Brianna Cea, GenVote; Harold Ekeh, Every Vote Counts; Sean Morales Doyle, Brennan Center for Justice; and Nausheen Ansari Husain, Campus Election Engagement Project; moderated by Robi Lopez-Irizarry, GenVote@NYU Team Leader and NYU Votes committee member.

This event is co-produced by NYU Votes, Brennan Center for Justice, GenVote, NYU Office of Global Inclusion, Diversity, and Strategic Innovation, Center for Black Visual Culture & Institute of African American Affairs, John Brademas Center, The 370J Project, Federal Hall: Debate Defends DemocracyEvery Vote Counts, Andrew Goodman Foundation, Campus Election Engagement Project.

LOGOS: BRENNAN Center for Justice, Generation Vote & The Andrew Goodman Foundation