“Brilliant complexity, beauty, and perfection.” – The New York Times

Johann Sebastian Bach’s Cello Suites are a milestone in the history of Western music. Placing the world-renowned cellist Jean-Guihen Queyras at the center of the piece, contemporary dance luminary Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker builds on her choreographic language, developed in tune with Bach’s musical language, to capture an affinity between the music and five dancers, including De Keersmaeker herself. In a feat of physical endurance, the suites are played in their entirety, making this a rare chance to hear all six performed together live.

Rosas was founded by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker in 1983 during the creation of the piece Rosas danst Rosas. The relationship between movement and music is essential to De Keersmaeker’s concept of dance. Rosas has expanded the art of dance as an act of writing movements in space and time and has over the years explored choreography in partnership with other compositional forces, namely music, geometry, the visual arts, and language. De Keersmaeker’s engagement of these disciplines has involved collaborations with experts — musicians, composers, visual artists, actors, writers — who have at different times been integral participants and performers in Rosas productions.  rosas.be

Recommended for ages 14+.

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Photo: Anne Van Aerschot
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Photo: Anne Van Aerschot
Spring20-13 Anne Teresa de Keersamaker Mitten_De_Munt_Anne_Van_Aerschot - 22
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