“The most remarkable achievement in theater not only of this year but also of this decade.”  –  Ben Brantley, N.Y. Times

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Gatzthe critically lauded performance of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, was last seen in New York in 2012. Created by Obie-winning ensemble Elevator Repair Service, this multi-award-winning play, with a cast of thirteen, is a theatrical tour de force — not just a retelling of the Gatsby story but a thoroughly entertaining dramatization of the entire novel, word for word.

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Elevator Repair Service, based in NYC, has been making original theater since 1991. Under the direction of Artistic Director John Collins, ERS has achieved national and international recognition with its extensive body of work and has influenced a generation of theater-makers. The company’s performances have been presented in Europe, Australia, Asia, South America and across the United States, and have been recognized with numerous awards. elevator.org

Gatz will be presented as a marathon eight-hour event, including two intermissions and a dinner break.

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ERS Gatz Paula Court (Susie Sokol, Scott Shepherd, Gary Wilmes, Jim Fletcher) - IMG_4700
Photo Credit: Paula Court
ERS Gatz Paula Court (Jim Fletcher) - IMG_4865
Photo Credit: Paula Court
Credit - Joan Marcus
Photo Credit: Joan Marcus
Credit - Chris Beirens
Photo Credit: Chris Beirens
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Photo Credit: Mark Barton