“RIOT, the extraordinary mash-up of theatre, variety, dance, music and performance art, wowed audiences and won best production at last year’s Fringe Festival… Audiences were transported.”The Irish Times

Co-presented with Irish Arts Center

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RIOT, the jaw-dropping theatrical highlight and winner of Best Production at the 2016 Dublin Fringe Festival, is a disorderly cocktail of wild theater, gut-punching spoken word, banging jigs, slapstick comedy and eye-popping circus that leaves audiences dazzled and dizzy. RIOT is both party and politic, a love letter of hope to the future, a clarion call on the state of the nation and a celebration of Ireland. The all-star cast includes Panti Bliss, Ireland’s Queen of Drag.

THISISPOPBABY, self-described “theatre makers, club creatives and good time gurls,” lands somewhere between pop culture, counter culture, queer culture and high art.  Founded in 2007, the Dublin-based company regularly sells out across Ireland and stages Queer Notions, a mini-festival of queer ideas and performance.


Recommend for ages 16 and older

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