Skirball Center for the Performing Arts - New York University

The Skirball Center developed its mission in direct response to the threatening decline of young adults attending live performing arts events and this shocking statistic: Between 1982 and 2002, the presence of 18-40 year olds in performing arts audiences dropped by nearly 40%.

We're especially pleased to announce that with the generous support of you, our Friends and our Partners, we have generated an audience trend that defies the national average and have established a growing interest and passion for the performing arts in our community.

In demonstrating that the arts can be a relevant and vital part of tomorrow's creative scene we have moved dramatically on our plan. Reasonable ticket prices, diverse programming, alliances with some of the great companies of this city and the world who share our concerns, contemporary communication strategies, and an emphasis on accessibility and engagement have all contributed to our success. We remain committed to ensuring the future of live performance by making tickets affordable to young adult audiences - NYU student tickets are $15 or less and regular ticket prices are below the industry standard. We support young and emerging artists who create exciting work, and we present a broad range of world-class, innovative, and forward-thinking performances, both classic and contemporary. However, without your generous financial support, we cannot continue to grow and expand on our past successes. We depend on you to help us in strengthening the future of live performance.


New York University's Board of Trustees


NYU Skirball Academic Advisory Council

Ulrich Baer

Gigi Buffington

Sean Curran

Michael Dinwiddie

Karen Finley

Faye Ginsburg

Jennifer Homans

Julia Jarcho

Andre Lepecki

Peter Meineck

Rubén Polendo

Foster Provost

Karen Shimakawa

Anna Deavere Smith

Jay Wegman

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