If NYU Skirball is NYU’s biggest classroom, think of this as the syllabus for NYU Skirball Studies 101. Before or after curtain call, come here to find reading lists, media, discussion boards, and suggestions of other shows, books, art, and more.

Get Involved

Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies Working Group

The working group in Drama, Theater & Performance Studies seeks to provide a central forum for cutting-edge interdisciplinary research and practice at New York University.

NYU Skirball Book Club

We’ve picked a book to complement each show in our season. Before Friday performances, join us in the lobby at 6:30PM for happy hour drinks and discussion.



Follow us down the research rabbit hole: reading lists — context plus points of departure — along with links to media, relevant current events, and discussion questions to take with you after the show, whether you’re talking it out in classrooms or over coffee.

Office Hours

We’ve put together a collection of conversations between NYU Skirball artists and NYU faculty. Some of these are glimpses at ongoing dialogues between long-time collaborators and colleagues; some are first encounters; all are smart, funny, and interesting.

Indefinite Articles

(n.) “Typically, the indefinite article is used to introduce new concepts into a discourse.” (Oxford Living Dictionary)

In other words: riffs on upcoming shows for your delectation, from some of NYU’s best and brightest.

Skirball Talks

Skirball Talks is our new free, open-to-the-public speaker series, featuring luminaries from the fields of art, science, politics, journalism, and more. Our first season included Ta-Nehisi Coates, Judith Butler, Rev. William Barber, Tony Kushner, Lisa Kron, and April Ryan. Stay tuned for next season’s lineup!

Get Inter-Disciplinary

We’ve put together some tangents you can take through the 2017-18 season, to potentially re-organize your thinking: these don’t quite follow the logic of genre, instead finding points of connection in theme or content, to inspire different viewing experiences.

Get Tickets

Check out upcoming shows, including the recently-announced 2018-19 season lineup. Members save up to 30% and NYU student tickets are always only $15. Or, check out our new Stage Pass, exclusively for NYU students: only $100 gets you access to the entire 2018-19 season.