Consider this glowing debut from Paige Lewis a menagerie of near-extinction. Space Struck explores the wonders and cruelties occurring within the realms of nature, science, and religion, with the acuity of a sage, the deftness of a hunter, and a hilarious sensibility for the absurd. The universe is seen as an endless arrow “. . . and it asks only one question: How dare you?”

The poems are physically and psychologically tied to the animal world, replete with ivory-billed woodpeckers, pelicans, and constellations-as-organisms. They are also devastatingly human, anchored in emotion and self-awareness, like art framed in a glass that also holds one’s reflection. Silky and gruesome, the poems of Space Struck pulse like starlight.


Paige Lewis is the author of Space Struck (Sarabande Books, 2019). Their poems have appeared in Poetry, American Poetry ReviewPloughsharesBest New Poets 2017, Gulf Coast, The Massachusetts ReviewThe Georgia ReviewThe Iowa ReviewPoetry NorthwestNinth Letter, and elsewhere. Paige currently lives and teaches in Indiana.

Get Into It

Parantheses Journal

Interview with Paige Lewis

“I like to write while flipping through a stack of books by different writers. It’s actually become part of my writing ritual—I wake up early, make a pot of tea, and while I wait for it to steep, I scan my bookshelves, pulling out the books that catch my eye. Writing with fifteen or twenty different poets on my desk reminds me that there are infinite ways to write poetry.”

Adroit Journal

Review: Space Struck

Paige Lewis is a master of foreshadow, structure, and framing, creating a shape and series of expectations in their first poem of the collection that holds true for the entirety of it.