The art of step originated in large part through the work of Black college students drawing on legacies of Black movement and culture (learn more in our Step Afrika! Office Hours with Mfon Akpan and Paul Edwards). We’re honoring that legacy by turning to the current and former captains of NYU’s Step Team, which has been started & re-started over the years thanks to the efforts of NYU students.

A Conversation with Asata Spears & Cameron Cooley, Captains of the 2018-2022 Step Team

“Now I try really hard to find spaces where I’m not only a mentor for others, but where I feel seen and I feel heard within my Blackness.”

Step Team Captain Bella Bucknor on the 2023 Step Team's Mission

“When I began attending NYU during the height of the pandemic, everything was shut down, including the step team.”