“★★★★★ Truscott is always a step ahead… with firecracker wit, sophistication and luminous humanity.”Guardian (UK)

Radical comedian, activist and performance artist, Adrienne Truscott’s Asking for It… mixes humor, dance, video and p*ssy-puppetry, while undoing the rules and rhetoric surrounding rape. Truscott straddles the world of stand-up and performance art, dressed only from the waist up and ankles down. With commentary from George Carlin, Louis C. K. and Robert De Niro, Truscott takes on ducks, mini-skirts, rape whistles, Cosby and #45. Heavy at its core but light on its feet, Truscott makes jokes about rape all night long…even if you ask her to stop.

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Adrienne Truscott is a choreographer, circus acrobat, dancer, writer and comedian. She has been making genre-defying work in New York City and abroad for over 20 years, has performed at many international Festivals, and most recently a sold out run at Joe’s Pub. She is one half of the infamous Wau Wau Sisters and has worked with cult cabaret legends Kiki and Herb, Meow Meow, and John Cameron Mitchell (Shortbus).

Please note: this performance contains nudity and mature themes.


Adrienne Truscott at NYU Skirball is co-sponsored by the Department of NYU Tisch Dance and NYU CSGS.

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Fri, Nov 10 @ 7:30pm

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Photography by Allison Michael Orenstein Art Direction by Signe Mae Olson
Photography by Allison Michael Orenstein Art Direction by Signe Mae Olson
Asking For It: Teaser 2016

Go Beyond

Ann Pellegrini

When the joke’s on you, perhaps the best defense is getting there first?


  • Kevin Fitzpatrick

    This is a great show.