“When you go to AUNTS, you go to something like a party: a gathering that orbits around multiple, overlapping performances, structured to facilitate chaos.”
The New York Times

NYU Skirball’s backstage, dressing rooms, hallways and lobby (everything but the theater itself!) will be transformed when AUNTS takes over the building for this uptown/downtown performance extravaganza. Audiences will be able to wander and experience as many or as few performances as they choose, creating their own experiences through chance encounters. Bringing together contemporary artists and diverse audiences for this-night-only event, AUNTS concludes the evening with an immersive dance party in NYU Skirball’s lower lobby.

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AUNTS was founded by Jmy James Kidd and Rebecca Brooks in 2005 and is currently organized by Laurie Berg and Liliana Dirks-Goodman. An underground platform for dance, AUNTS creates events in unconventional spaces with multiple performers, overlapping performances, open dance parties, multi-disciplinary, body/non-body based, time oriented, finished/experimental/unfinished/process art. Since 2005, AUNTS has organized approximately fifty events and hosted more than four hundred artists from multiple disciplines and at various points in their careers.


Organized by Laurie Berg, Liliana Dirks-Goodman, Ali Rosa-Salas, and Ash R.T. Yergens.
With: Alexandra Tatarsky, Christine Elmo, Freedom Dabka Group, Imma, Jahmal B. Golden, Johnnie Cruise Mercer, Katrina Reid, Lime Rickey International, Nia Love, Jeremy Toussaint-Baptiste, DJ set by Br0nz3 G0d3ss and more.

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Fri, Sep 15 @ 7:30pm