“[A]ddressing central questions about the genre of ballet — music, gender, body language, academic vocabulary — and without strain. The answers look both direct and unforced, experimental and refreshing.” — New York Times

“This is BalletCollective’s strength: it shows everything ballet could mean, if you let it.” — Huffington Post

“Beautiful.” — Dance

Over the past few years, BalletCollective has become known for expanding the possibilities of dance through collaborations with boundary-pushing artists, designers, composers, and choreographers.  This fall, the independent group returns with an ambitious new program — Translation — that will debut two new ballets along with two critically-acclaimed works from the BalletCollective repertoire.

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Through light, sound, and movement, the new works — choreographed by BalletCollective founder Troy Schumacher and Gabrielle Lamb and inspired by commissions from cult science fiction writer Ken Liu and artist Trevor Paglen — explore the rapid evolution of communication we’re experiencing today: the abbreviation of words, the mediation of reality through phone screens, the growth of artificial intelligence and machine vision, and more.

Choreography by Troy Schumacher
Music by Julianna Barwick, new commission
Environment by Sergio Mora-Diaz
Inspired by a commissioned short work by science fiction writer Ken Liu
*World premiere Oct. 25

Choreography by Gabrielle Lamb
Music by Caleb Burhans, new commission
Inspired by new artworks by Trevor Paglen
*World premiere Oct. 25

The Answer
Choreography by Troy Schumacher
Music by Judd Greenstein, commissioned score
Inspired by a print by architect Carlos Arnaiz depicting basketball legend Allen Iverson

The Last Time This Ended
Choreography by Troy Schumacher
Music by Mark Dancigers, commissioned score
Inspired by photography by Dafy Hagai

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Ballet Collective
Credit: Sergio Mora-Diaz