Please note: This performance contains nudity. 

The Dictatorship of Coolness, an American premiere performed in Spanish with supertitles, is a raucous social satire reflecting on art, culture and contemporary lifestyles, inspired by Molière´s “The Misanthrope.” The show is set on the 1st of May, as Santiago’s cultural and artistically elite gather to celebrate the new Minister of Culture. As the streets pulse with the ambiance of protest, the Minister realizes the hypocrisy and inefficiency of bourgeois culture and renounces capitalism and greed, turning the celebration into a nightmare. 

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La Re-sentida (The Resentful) is a collective of young activists and artists from the Chilean national theatrical scene who regard theater as a critical instrument with major political responsibility. Their work embodies the pulses, visions and ideas of their generation and assumes as duty, audacity, the desecration of taboos and reflection generated from provocation. Their works give theatrical creation great political responsibility, understanding it as an instrument of critique, reflection and construction. Their works have been performed in more than 17 countries.

Performed in Spanish with English supertitles. 

Purchase a ticket to Teatro La Re-Sentida’s La Dictadura de lo Cool  & Gob Squad’s War and Peace for $50. Discount will automatically be applied once seats are added to the cart.

This project is made possible with the support of the Consulate General of Chile in New York.

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La Dictadura de lo Cool
La Dictadura de lo Cool
La Dictadura de lo Cool
La Dictadura de lo Cool

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