David Lang on “the whisper opera”

“the whisper opera” is a mysterious little alternative world.

Ben Ratliff on Rivers of Sound

The maqam, which means “situation” or “place,” is both a repertoire of musical material and a set of rules.

J de Leon on RIOT


Julia Jarcho on Nature Theatre of Oklahoma

While you were living somewhere else, Nature Theater of Oklahoma became the coolest theater company in New York City.

Elizabeth Bradley on Wang Chong & Théâtre du Rêve Expérimental

This is subversive political theatre expressed in breathtaking visual semaphore.

Laurence Maslon on the Hypocrites

The reception from the buoyant and boisterous Americans was beyond anything the British musical team could have imagined.

Dan Streible on Rick Prelinger

Rick Prelinger’s ongoing Lost Landscapes project continues his life’s work of saving thousands of neglected films.

Ann Pellegrini on Truscott and Bond

When the joke’s on you, perhaps the best defense is getting there first?

Ben Ratliff on the Sachal Ensemble

Lahore, historically one of the great musical centers of the Indian sub-continent.

Sheril Antonio on DJ Spooky

Arthur D. Danto says that “A work of art is an externalization of the artist’s consciousness.”