Allyson Green & André Lepecki on Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods

Passing back through the heart, our next memories will refigure my bones.

Larry Wolff on V.4 Dance Festival

Why has this disappearance remained invisible? 

Sebastián Calderón Bentin on Teatro La Re-Sentida

What might a truly revolutionary artistic movement look like?

Brandon Woolf on Gob Squad

Gob Squad does not shy away from the big themes or the penetrating questions.

Debra Levine on Jérôme Bel

“Gala” … makes the audience reflect on how we use our critical judgment and to what end.

J de Leon on RIOT


Ben Ratliff on Rivers of Sound

The maqam, which means “situation” or “place,” is both a repertoire of musical material and a set of rules.

David Lang on “the whisper opera”

“the whisper opera” is a mysterious little alternative world.

Julia Jarcho on Nature Theatre of Oklahoma

While you were living somewhere else, Nature Theater of Oklahoma became the coolest theater company in New York City.