This long-awaited production by Richard Maxwell & New York City Players will tackle a characteristically wide-ranging set of concerns, following their ethos of “creating new plays about people, relationships, and above all, feeling.”

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Get Into It

“Field of Mars” is a world premiere, so we can’t give you a sneak peek of the show. Get a behind the scenes look at a (previous) rehearsal process, captured in the Wooster Group’s “Dailies” series.

Get Thee to the LIbrary

Recommended readings to get you in gear for the show.

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Read All About It

Bomb Magazine | 2008

Richard Maxwell by John Kelsey

“I want to see what happens if you do all of those things you imagined.”

The New Yorker | 2014

The Theatre: An Interview with Richard Maxwell by Hilton All

Richard Maxwell is one of the more adventurous theatre artists that this country has produced in decades.

Hazlitt | 2014

Eating the Heart of Richard Maxwell BY NAOMI SKWARNA

The two interviews I’ve now done with Maxwell… have not made me any more expert in his work.

Walker Art | 2015

The Unadorned Archetype: Discussing The Evening with Richard Maxwell

“I think you have to be good at reading the heart. Understanding your relationship to your own heart.”

Extra Credit

Maxwell & the New York City Players are reaching way back for the title of this show: “The term ‘Field of Mars’ (Latin: Campus Martius) goes back to antiquity, and designates an area, inside or near a city, used as a parade or exercise ground by the military.” (Thanks, Wikipedia!) The “Mars” invoked here is not the planet but the god for whom the planet is named – Mars, the Roman god of war.

New York doesn’t have a field that shares this name, but you can take a stroll on one in Paris, New South Wales or St. Petersburg, pictured above.

You can also visit the site of the first Field of Mars, although the field itself has long, long since been repurposed. The Pantheon itself was built on the original Campus Martius, and by the 1st century BC, the whole field had been drained and used to build public spaces (including theatres).