The maverick Spanish flamenco dancer Israel Galván is an artist known for his flair and eccentricity, and for pushing the boundaries of the Flamenco tradition. In, Galván’s dancing fills the stage with its avant-garde spirit, mirrored by different virtuoso musicians with their instruments. Learn more about Israel Galván.

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Questions of Practice: Israel Galván
Questions of Practice: Israel Galván
Judith Mackrell for the Guardian | July 12, 2015

Flamenco firebrand Israel Galván

“I no longer wanted to be representative of the kind of flamenco audience and critics wanted. I no longer want to have to dance ‘well’ all the time. I knew that if I was going to survive in dance, I was going to have to find my own way.”

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We’ve picked a book to complement each show in our season. We’ve got novels, short stories, essays, poetry, and memoir. Before opening night of each show (usually Fridays, but not always!), we’ll meet in the lobby for happy hour drinks and discussion. It’s an fun, informal way to find a new favorite book, meet people, and get your brain into gear for the show – even if you haven’t had a chance to read the book yet.

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Amateur by Thomas Page McBee

A trans man trains to fight in a charity match at Madison Square Garden while struggling to untangle the vexed relationship between masculinity and violence.