Nadia Boulanger – regularly cited as the most influential music teacher in modern history – was also a composer, and this new rendition of a lost work brings attention to this aspect of her career.

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The Promise of Revival by Eugenio Refini

Isn’t myth something that, originating from distant realms, merges the present with the past?

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Jeanice Brooks, The Musical Work of Nadia Boulanger: Performing Past and Future Between the Wars (2013)

Nadia Boulanger, Nadia Boulanger: Thoughts on Music (2020)

Kimberly Francis (editor), Nadia Boulanger and the Stravinskys: A Selected Correspondence (2018)

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New York Times | July 30, 2021

She Was Music’s Greatest Teacher. And Much More.

Her pupils, the so-called “Boulangerie,” included such luminaries-to-be as Aaron Copland, Philip Glass and Quincy Jones.

New York Times | Apr 17, 2024

Before She Became Music’s Greatest Teacher, She Wrote an Opera

“La Ville Morte” was the most ambitious project of Boulanger’s young composing career. And once it took shape, with a piano-vocal score completed that summer, she wrote under the final measures, “Alleluia!!!!”