Founded in 2013, (LA)HORDE is a collective of three artists: Marine Brutti, Jonathan Debrouwer, and Arthur Harel. Together, they question the codes of various artistic disciplines, particularly within the fields of live performances and contemporary art. At the head of the CCN – Ballet national de Marseille since September 2019, (LA)HORDE creates choreographic pieces, films, video installations, and performances around the body in movement. Learn more.

Office Hours: Coming Soon

Get Into It

Room With A View - Making of du clip

Get Thee to the LIbrary

Recommended readings to get you in gear for the show.

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André Lepecki, Singularities: Dance in the Age of Performance. Routledge, 2016.

Extra Credit

You may already be familiar with (LA)Horde’s work – thanks to their collaborations with artists in music videos and short films, including Sam Smith & Spike Jonze. Enjoy these microcosms of their work before embarking on the evening-length pieces.