Reasons to get excited for “Radio Macbeth”:

  1. We love a new twist on a classic text, and this one is a double dose as SITI Company take on both Shakespeare and Orson Welles – giving audiences a nuanced, layered look not only at two versions of “Macbeth” but on the power of live performance. 
  2. We love an ensemble, and SITI Company has brought new depth to the term over its decades of work. 
  3. We love a ghost story – just in time for spooky season.

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Office Hours

Get Into It

NYU Skirball is honored to be hosting SITI Company in their final performing season, with the restaging of a classic work. Learn more about their decision to transition the company into its new iteration.

SITI Company | 2022

Press Release

At the conclusion of the finale season in December 2022, SITI Company will cease to operate in its current iteration as a touring, teaching, performing ensemble with an administrative staff and a studio. The business entity that remains, SITI, Inc, will provide service to the field, functioning as a bridge between the legacy of SITI and new generations of ensembles for exploration of international artistic endeavors, and as a hub for archival inquiries, training inquiries and alumni support.

New York Times | 2022

SITI Company Announces Final Season

“This was a very emotional and personal decision,” Bogart, the company’s co-artistic director, said in an interview on Tuesday. “Some of the actors have been with the company for around 30 years.” But the company is far from finished, Bogart said. Training and teaching will continue after 2022, and some members, herself included, will continue to work on theatrical projects together. “There’s an appetite for the classes like you wouldn’t believe,” [Anne Bogart] said.

The Scottish Play

Learn more about the so-called curse of Macbeth, and why you shouldn’t say the name of the play in a theater (outside of a performance).

Get Thee to the LIbrary

Recommended readings to get you in gear for the show.

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On Air Now

Listen to recordings of Orson Welles’ Mercury Theater On the Air, available through the Indiana University Libraries‘ archival project, in collaboration with the National Recording Preservation Foundation.

Read All About It

New York Times | 2007

To Hear Shakespeare, Perchance to Dream of Him

““Radio Macbeth” persuasively proposes that the classic work is not merely something to see, but to hear.”

Theatre Journal | 2007

Review: Radio Macbeth

“This impressive use of sound created a rich atmosphere for Shakespeare’s spookiest play.”

Variety | 2007

Review: Radio Macbeth

“What starts as a simple table reading by a theatrical company during the radio era assumes a life force of its own as the actors gradually take over the stage while the play takes over them.”

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