Dimitri Chamblas and Kim Gordon have been collaborating since they were introduced by a mutual friend, artist Francesca Gabbiani, in 2018. Initially taking the form of improvised duets in a variety of settings, including museums and art galleries, their collaboration has developed into larger-scale formats without losing the immediacy of that initial energy and connection. Learn more about their work together, and Studio Chamblas.

Office Hours

Get Into It

Dimitri Chamblas + Kim Gordon — Duo, Exhibition Francesca Gabbiani

Get Thee to the LIbrary

Recommended readings to get you in gear for the show.

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Read All About It

Liquid Music | Dec 12, 2018


“We have this friend, she had an exhibition and she kind of invited, or proposed [this duo with Kim]. So I thought: ‘What could be strong?’ And I wouldn’t even say it was to collaborate but just to make something together.”

Fjord | Nov 8, 2023

Homeward Bound: "TakeMeHome" Review

By turns, provocative, enigmatic, stunning, stirring, singular and, well, something else again. … As mysterious as it was brilliant.

All-Arts | Nov 15, 2023


Created in collaboration with artist and musician Kim Gordon, formerly of Sonic Youth, “takemehome” considers invisible or forgotten people that society might be quick to deem unproductive.

Behind the Music

Spend more time with Kim Gordon’s music – in the past 10 years, she’s worked on a number of collaborations and solo albums – or read an excerpt from her award-winning memoir; or explore her visual art career. She puts the “cool” in “collaborative and interdisciplinary”!

New York Times | Sept 14, 2019

Kim Gordon's Other Life

“I never thought of myself as a musician… Punk rock kind of pulls people in.”

Bomb Magazine | Feb 14, 2020

Kim Gordon Interviewed by Jane Ursula Harris

“I guess I like work that isn’t necessarily about, for example, how well you can play guitar. It’s a technique to keep it awkward.”

New Yorker | Apr 30, 2020

Kim Gordon Is Home Again by Amanda Petrusich

During a time when it still felt somewhat anomalous to see women playing in rock bands… Gordon was a beacon.

Extra Credit

Dimitri Chamblas’s work with incarcerated individuals was influential in the choreography and conceptualization of takemehome (which he discusses during his Office Hours interview – linked above!).

The New York University Prison Education Program (NYU PEP) is a multi-partner, cross-university initiative that offers free college courses to incarcerated, and formerly incarcerated students. Learn more about NYU PEP: “Drawing from NYU’s world-class faculty and staff, our curriculum is a liberal arts education in its most powerful sense. We draw on NYU’s great range of academic experts to show how work in the humanities writ large contributes to our society’s capacity to contribute and succeed, and to teach the public about the role of prisons in America.”