Du Yun joins with International Contemporary Ensemble to present a diptych from her seductive musical world. In Zolle, a staged performance, a dead woman wanders through the shadowy space on the border between memory and reality, tracing the lines of her identity through the land she once walked – an immigrant in death as in life. A Cockroach’s Tarantella explores religion and belonging as the essential quest and the existential dread that all sentient beings experience, cockroach or not. Scored for ensemble, electronics, and spoken word, with Du Yun as the narrator and featuring Satomi Matsuzaki (Deerhoof), the two works together explore humankind’s ubiquitous fascination with movement and alienation, amidst the hope of belonging.

Office Hours

Get Thee to the LIbrary

Recommended readings to get you in gear for the show.

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Kyle Gann, The Arithmetic of Listening. Chicago: The University of Illinois Press, 2019.

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Extra Credit

We’ve picked a book to complement each show in our season. We’ve got novels, short stories, essays, poetry, and memoir. It’s a fun, informal way to find a new favorite book, meet people, and get your brain into gear for the show – even if you haven’t had a chance to read the book yet.