French choreographer Boris Charmatz is widely celebrated for his radical approach to contemporary dance. Read more about Charmatz’s Museum of Dance/Musée de la danse.

10000 Gestures was named the best dance show of 2017 in The Guardian:

Boris Charmatz’s new work was neither the most technically accomplished I saw this year nor the most choreographically achieved. Sections of it were even a little dull. Yet the audacity of its concept, the theatricality of the venue and the acuity with which it captured our skittering, anxious zeitgeist, made 10000 Gestures a singular experience… 1000o Gestures may have started as a dance boffin’s conceit but at its surprisingly magisterial best, it became a meditation about life, loss, randomness and death.

Read more about the work in Professor Hentyle Yapp‘s Indefinite Article, written exclusively for NYU Skirball.

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Hot Off the Presses

"10000 Gestures" Review, New York Times

Ten thousand gestures, 25 dancers, an hourlong performance. “It’s a one-line idea!” said Boris Charmatz.

"10000 Gestures" Feature in Dance Magazine

If you look at it historically, it’s kind of like Yvonne Rainer’s Trio A on speed, amplified by 20 people.

Get Into It: Trailers & Behind the Scenes

Boris Charmatz in conversation with Chase Granoff in Movement Research; and an interview in Dance Research Journal.

Boris Charmatz: 10000 gestures
Trailer for 10000 Gestures
Boris Charmatz – Musée de la danse | TateShots
Boris Charmatz's Musee de la Dance

Let's Dance

Learn more about dance in a variety of readings that approach the form from a range of practical and theoretical perspectives.

Movement and Meaning: Dance in Social Anthropological Perspective,” John Blacking

Why We Dance: A Philosophy of Bodily BecomingKimerer L. LaMothe

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“The Dance: Essence of Embodiment”, Betty Block and Judith Lee Kissell

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Extra Credit

10000(sonic)Gestures: A Response to Boris Charmatz
10000 (Sonic) Gestures: A Response to Boris Charmatz