French choreographer Boris Charmatz is widely celebrated for his radical approach to contemporary dance. Read more about Charmatz’s Museum of Dance/Musée de la danse.

10000 Gestures was named the best dance show of 2017 in The Guardian:

Boris Charmatz’s new work was neither the most technically accomplished I saw this year nor the most choreographically achieved. Sections of it were even a little dull. Yet the audacity of its concept, the theatricality of the venue and the acuity with which it captured our skittering, anxious zeitgeist, made 10000 Gestures a singular experience… 1000o Gestures may have started as a dance boffin’s conceit but at its surprisingly magisterial best, it became a meditation about life, loss, randomness and death.

Read more about the work in Professor Hentyle Yapp‘s Indefinite Article, written exclusively for NYU Skirball.

Post Show Conversation

Hot Off the Presses

"10000 Gestures" Review, New York Times

Ten thousand gestures, 25 dancers, an hourlong performance. “It’s a one-line idea!” said Boris Charmatz.

"10000 Gestures" Feature in Dance Magazine

If you look at it historically, it’s kind of like Yvonne Rainer’s Trio A on speed, amplified by 20 people.

Get Into It: Trailers & Behind the Scenes

Boris Charmatz in conversation with Chase Granoff in Movement Research; and an interview in Dance Research Journal.

Let's Dance

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