Cirque Alfonse brings a hirsute wonderland to the stage with Barbu. You can find more on the company and the show at their website.

Learn more about Cirque Alfonse and cirque nouveau in NYU Professor Nancy Smithner’s Indefinite Articlewritten exclusively for NYU Skirball.

Get Into It

Guess who’s a fan of Cirque Alfonse?… that’s right, her majesty Dolly Parton. Here she is performing “Rocky Top” with Cirque Alfonse as back-up band.

Plus: original music from the show, now available for your streaming pleasure.

Office Hours

Get Thee to the Library

Recommended readings to accompany the Indefinite Article by Nancy Smithner.

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Extra Credit

Even more fabulous muscles: a new documentary and memoir bring transmasculine athletes and bodybuilders into the spotlight.

Get into Thomas Page McBee’s new book Amateur: A True Story about What Makes a Man with an excerpt, and an article on the book’s centerpiece boxing match; and read an interview with T Cooper, the director of a documentary on trans bodybuilding, “Man Made.”

"Man Made" trailer