MAR 25 - APR 3, 2022

Builders Association: I Agree to the Terms

I Agree To The Terms is a new virtual performance developed by the OBIE Award-winning ensemble The Builders Association. The interactive online event is being created with a community of Amazon “microworkers” who train the algorithms that shape our online experience. Audiences will enter the Builders Marketplace, train with actual microworkers and compete for paying jobs, connecting with the invisible online labor force that shapes our everyday virtual lives.

APR 7 & 8, 2022


Considered a musical genius in his native Spain, superstar Miguel Poveda’s nuanced and soulful voice is unrivaled in the world of flamenco. For his long-awaited NYC solo debut, he takes the audience on a tour of the traditional musical forms of flamenco, from malagueñas and alegrías to seguirillas and soleás.

APR 15 - 17, 2022

Eiko Otake: The Duet Project: Distance is Malleable

Dance visionary Eiko Otake’s newest offering is a mutable and evolving series of experiments in collaboration. Negotiating differences of race, age, culture, and religion, she partners with artists, living and dead, to maximize the potential of their encounters. This New York premiere will include Eiko’s duets with choreographer/improviser Ishmael Houston-Jones, painter/rapper/organizer Don Christian Jones, world-renowned avant-garde pianist Margaret Leng Tan, and poet/performance maker Iris McCloughan.

APR 22 & 23, 2022

David Dorfman Dance: (A)Way Out of My Body

Employing “out of body” experiences as a metaphor for our body politic, David Dorfman propels his dancers through space and time in a search of personal truths. With breath-taking lighting and visual design by theater-maker Andrew Schneider (YOUARENOWHERE) and the company’s four-person house band, led by singer/songwriter Elizabeth DeLise, Dorfman’s newest work beckons us into the otherworldly-ness of dreams, desires, and routines.

APR 29 & 30, 2022

Du Yun & International Contemporary Ensemble: Zolle & A Cockroach’s Tarantella

Du Yun joins with International Contemporary Ensemble to present a diptych. In Zolle, a dead woman wanders through the shadowy space on the border between memory and reality, tracing the lines of her identity through the land she once walked – an immigrant in death as in life. A Cockroach’s Tarantella explores religion and belonging as the essential quest and the existential dread that all sentient beings experience, cockroach or not. Scored for ensemble, electronics, and spoken word, with Du Yun as the narrator and featuring Satomi Matsuzaki (Deerhoof).

Jun 21 - Jul 3

Pan Pan Theatre: Cascando

Accompany Samuel Beckett’s curious figures into an uncertain future. Attired in dark cloaks and given headphones, audiences are guided through Greenwich Village on this rhythmic, immersive, group walk.

Featuring the melodic voices of Irish actors Andrew Bennett and Daniel Reardon, Beckett’s 1963 radio play Cascando is transformed into an absorbing immersive experience in which the audience is part of the spectacle. With Direction by Gavin Quinn and Sound Design and music by Jimmy Eadie, Cascando is a deeply riveting yet broken tale of a man hopelessly trying to finish a story.

JUL 7 - 31, 2022


In their newest project, Elevator Repair Service returns to Skirball to take on The Seagull, Anton Chekhov’s classic drama of artists in life and love. Blurring the line between the play itself and an informal chat with the audience, ERS’s venturous approach to the text twists truth into lies and fact into fiction as actors become characters who become actors who become characters.

OCT 2021-APR 2022


This series of events considers the possibilities of the post-pandemic future. Bringing together writers, artists, curators, archivists, academics, and organizers, “COVID19 and its Afterlives,” examines how the structural dynamics that predated COVID19–precarity, vulnerability, inequality–have been exacerbated by this past catastrophic year. In inventorying our pre-pandemic social and political failures, from health care to housing to labor, policing to politics to prisons, this series hopes to help us learn the pandemic’s lessons, and works to illuminate the promises of the future.