As one moment in LGBTQ+ history, the riots at Stonewall Inn were a critical milestone that incited and advanced LGBTQ+ movements in the United States and beyond. This event will engage LGBTQ+ activists from across the generations in dialogue and narrative sharing about what the fight for LGBTQ+ rights has looked like over the past 50 years since Stonewall.

Andrea Jenkins, Poet, Artist, Oral Historian, and Vice President of the Minneapolis City Council
Anesu Nyatanga, CAS’19 and NYU Student Leader
Jennicet Gutiérrez, Activist
Phillip Picardi, Editor in Chief of Out Magazine
Urvashi Vaid, Attorney, Organizer, and President of The Vaid Group, a Social Innovation Firm

Introduction by Dr. Lisa Coleman, Senior Vice President, Global Inclusion and Strategic Innovation, Chief Diversity Officer at New York University

Moderated by Monroe France, Associate Vice President for Global Student Engagement & Inclusive Leadership at New York University

Held weekly every Monday at 6:30pm during the academic terms,  Skirball Talks hosts visionaries from the worlds of politics, the arts, sciences, academia, and more.

This event is free and open to the public. Learn more about #Stonewall50 @ NYU.

*This event was originally scheduled for 3/4/19. RSVPs for the original date will be honored.*

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Anesu Nyatanga is a senior at the College of Arts and Science majoring in Social & Cultural Analysis. Inspired by his Zimbabwean heritage, he is committed to advocating for justice and equity. Anesu ’s passions include working within an intersectional framework to support marginalized students in a variety of capacities in the university. Anesu holds leadership roles on campus in Student Senator’s Council, Governance Council for Marginalized and Minority Students (GCOMMS), and Shades: A group for LGBTQ people of color.

Jennicet Gutiérrez is a transgender activist from México who resides in Los Angeles. She sheds light on the plight of transgender women in immigration detention centers through her organization FAMILIA: TQLM (Trans Queer Liberation Movement). She burst onto the national scene in the summer of 2015, when she interrupted former- President Obama during a White House speech in honor of Pride month to call attention to the struggles of transgender immigrant women.

Andrea Jenkins is a writer, performance artist, poet, and transgender activist. She is the first African American openly trans woman to be elected to office in the United States. Jenkins worked as a staff member on the Minneapolis City Council for 12 years before beginning work as curator of the Transgender Oral History Project at the University of Minnesota’s Jean-Nickolaus Tretter Collection in Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Studies.

Urvashi Vaid is a consultant, strategist and writer, whose work has bridged grassroots, legal, advocacy, philanthropic and academic institutions. Since 2015, she has run The Vaid Group, a social innovation firm that advises groups and individuals working to advance equity and justice.  Urvashi has held leadership roles throughout LGBTQ+ organizations and movements, including the Arcus Foundation, Ford Foundation, Gill Foundation, National LGBTQ Task Force, and the ACLU National Prison Project.

Phillip Picardi is the editor-in-chief of Out Magazine. Picardi is the youngest person to hold the role in the magazine’s history. He was formerly the Chief Content Officer and founding editor of the newly-launched them, Condé Nast’s first-ever platform devoted to the queer community. Most recently, Picardi was named to Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list in 2017 and Out Magazine’s OUT100.


Limit 1 RSVP per person. RSVP does not guarantee a ticket. You can begin picking up tickets at the NYU Box Office (566 LaGuardia Pl) 2 hours prior to event. Tickets must be claimed by 6:10 pm. Unclaimed tickets may be released to those on the standby line. Even if you have picked up a ticket, please be aware that if you are not seated in the theater by 6:20pm, we will open seating to those on the standby line.

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The Skirball Talks series is made possible in part by a Humanities New York Action Grant and by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and the New York State Legislature. 

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