Find your way into the Fall 2022 season with these curricular tangents, designed to help you curate a cross-disciplinary viewing experience over the course of the semester. We’ve curated some thematic connections between shows, with many more to be discovered throughout the season. NYU Skirball is NYU’s largest classroom – so consider these lists to be mini-syllabi, designed to help you map your way through all our season has to offer. Follow these ideas, or design your own route, based on your own interests and viewing experience. There’s no wrong way to watch.

Plus, we’ve paired a book with each tangent – consider it a cross-genre take on comparative literature – to offer another way to think through themes and ideas in each performance, and across the season. This semester, we’re reading all of the 2021 National Book Award winners – the best of fiction, non-fiction, translation, poetry, and young adult literature. Learn more here.


Around the World in Less Than 80 Plays

See the world from the comfort of NYU Skirball’s velvet seats. In the past 5 years, we have presented works from 6 continents (your move, Antarctica!) – this season, we’re vaxxed, boosted to the max & back to globe-trotting, with artists from France, Iran, Japan, Burkhina Faso – as well as a site-specific work that has been performed around the world, in every ocean.

A Spectre is Haunting Skirball

We’re keeping the ghost light burning for you at NYU Skirball, where John Jasperse Dance and SITI Company invite ghosts to the stage; Textplay lets you virtually eavesdrop on Beckett as he texts from beyond the grave; and Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods grapple more abstractly with manifestations of energy and kinetic movement.

Get spooky and stay spooky in the lead-up to Halloween.

Found in Translation

Adaptation, citation, inspiration – we’ve got it all, in these artists’ work. Trajal Harrell and SITI Company bring contemporary spins to Shakespeare and Tennessee Williams; Toshio Hosokowa reinvents a 14th century Noh play; and Beckett and Stoppard hash it out, with an imagined dialogue via text message. 


Kinetic, breathing, unpredictable, real — remember what makes live performance so exhilarating with these urgent, visceral, challenging works, which take audiences from the dizzying heights of dance and music that push the limits of the body onstage, to the shore of the Atlantic to experience a full tidal cycle in a powerful, site-specific durational work.


NYU Skirball is committed to inclusive excellence, in support of the university’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. Our season spotlights and celebrates diverse voices from around the world.


Book Club

See all the picks for our Fall 2022 Book Club