Doug Varone and Dancers take on the music of Handel in two ways, in order to examine and embody the “deeply emotional and the immensely physical.”

For more than 30 years, Doug Varone and Dancers has devoted itself to the humanity and virtuosity of dance, reaching out to audiences well beyond the proscenium arch. Learn more here.

Award-winning choreographer and director, Doug Varone works in dance, theater, opera, film, and fashion. He is a passionate educator and articulate advocate for dance. Read his full bio here.

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To My Arms / Restore Excerpt
Doug Varone and Dancers

Get Thee to the LIbrary

Recommended readings to get you in gear for the show.

Martha Bremser and Lorna Sanders, Fifty Contemporary Choreographers (2011).

Scott G. Burnham, Marna Seltzer, and Dorothea Von Moltke (editors), Ways of Hearing: Reflections on Music in 26 Pieces (2021).

Rebecca Cypress, Beth Lise Glixon, and Nathan Link (editors), Word, Image and Song (2013).

Shantel Ehrenberg, Kinaesthesia and Visual Self-Reflection in Contemporary Dance (2021).

Yvette Hutchinson and Chukwuma Okoye (editors), Contemporary Dance (2018).

Read All About It

Brooklyn Rail | 2009

In Conversation: Doug Varone with Susan Yung

“I’m drawn to people who have life experience, and can draw on that life experience to interpret the work that I do. I see them as great allies, great interpreters.”

New Yorker | 2014

Doug Varone’s Final Performance

“What does it mean to stop performing after so many years?”