Catalan flamenco singer Miguel Poveda made a point early on in his career, despite his relative youth, to honor the style’s grand musical traditions. Born Miguel Ángel Poveda León in Barcelona on February 13, 1973, Poveda began singing publicly in 1988, accompanying his sister, flamenco dancer Sonia Poveda. He established himself as a rising star within the flamenco community after winning four prizes at the 1993 Festival Nacional del Cante de las Minas in La Unión, including the highest honor, La Lámpara Minera, as well as La Cartagenera, La Malagueña, and La Soleá.


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The best way to get to know Miguel Poveda is through his incredible voice. Luckily, his extensive recording career is available to hear & watch wherever you consume music – here are a few fabulous videos to get you started.

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Recommended readings to get you in gear for the show.

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del Flamenco | June 1, 2009

An Interview with Miguel Poveda

“I’ve still got a thorn in my side about flamenco.”

Tablao Cordobes | January 10, 2018

Interview with Miguel Poveda

“It is the most universal music we have.”

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